General Contracting / Construction Management

United may operate as a General Contractor or Construction Manager. These services are tailored to the client specific requirements.

Construction Management Services

General Summary

United – RHG Inc., as Construction Manager (CM) shall have vested authority and powers, consistent with the owners policy, to represent the owner in field decisions and construction coordination activities and be responsible for seeing that all substantive changes or authorizations that are documented and presented in writing. However, all spending authority shall rests with the lead ownership’s employees assigned to the project, subject to established signature requirements.

Notwithstanding the above restrictions on spending authority, the CM shall review and approve all invoices, change orders, or purchases related to assigned project, and submit for action or record according to established owner’s procedures. All project related records and documentation initiated or approved by the CM shall be readily available for review and clarification by those to whom the CM reports.

The pre-construction, construction and post-construction scope of services are further defined in the following table:

Specific Construction Management Scope

1. Assist owner in the bidding, selection, award and contracting of all consultants and contractors as required by the owner.

  • Review Owner’s project goals and requirements
  • Review hotel operator’s brand and operational requirements
  • Evaluate site and improvements
  • Evaluate entitlements, permits, development restrictions and rights
  • Develop project program
  • Develop conceptual project and design schedule
  • Identify, interview, and recommend design professionals
  • Prepare design contracts in Owner’s format
  • Develop conceptual design if needed
  • Develop conceptual budget of “Total Project Cost”
  • Create Responsibility Matrix
  • Recommend appropriate contract format to be used based on owner’s standard contract documents.

2. Review and edit a written set of project specific procedures for the administration, management, control, and documentation for the project based on the referenced guide documents and input from the project team. Update procedures as required according to the stage of the project.

  • Identify, interview and recommend additional design professionals as required
  • Prepare contracts with design professionals
  • Review and manage design for quality and contract requirements
  • Update design and project schedules
  • Update project budget
  • Transmit documents to governmental agencies for review as needed
  • Insure that appropriate permits are obtained by GC and Subcontractors
  • Identify long lead items and prepare contracts or POs
  • Identify, interview and recommend bidders
  • Solicit bids and proposals from contractors and vendors
  • Recommendation on bid packages
  • Prepare spreadsheet and bid analysis (quantitative and qualitative) for Owner’s review
  • Verify financial and technical background of potential vendor/contractors
  • Review certificates of insurance for each contractor
  • Prepare contracts for construction and purchasing.
  • Manage the FF&E design/specification and purchase process with internal procurement department or outsourced procurement company.
  • Recommend testing and mock-up protocols
  • Update design and project schedules
  • Update project budget
  • Direct value engineering efforts, if necessary

3. Attend periodic meetings during all phases of the project including pre-bid conferences, preconstruction conferences, and biweekly construction meetings. Provide meeting minutes.

  • Review and monitor Contractor’s CPM schedule and make written comments and recommendations regarding progress, impacts, and significant events.
  • Coordinate change order process and prepare change order reports relating to schedule
  • Review and analyze change orders for schedule impact and make recommendations to owner.
  • Review schedule for shop drawings, fabrication, and deliveries
  • Coordinate the evaluation of contractor’s recovery schedule
  • Prepare schedule status reports as needed

4. Maintain Issues/Action Items tracking logs for submittals, RFIs, PCO, CO,PO and other items as required for the duration of the project.

  • Coordinate and obtain progress and final approval for applicable items of changed work from State Fire Marshall and other agencies
  • Establish communication procedures, provide orientation to all parties, and maintain standards
  • Coordinate filing procedures with owner staff and maintain project records
  • Manage on-site inspection activities
  • Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports as required by owner
  • In conjunction with AOR and EOR, schedule and/or conduct job site progress meetings
  • Review and process RFIs, shop drawings, samples, and other submittals.
  • Review entitlement and value of change order requests from Contractors
  • Monitor equipment schedules, orders, and delivery
  • Manage dispute resolution and claim prevention/mitigation/analysis
  • Coordinate with owner’s staff regarding equipment deliveries and placement and regarding personnel equipment and moves.
  • Review and approve documents related to major building equipment (O&M manuals)

5. Establish and maintain a cost accounting system to monitor project expenditures including change orders and payments to outside consultants and/or testing and inspection agents. Review and approve progress payment requests.

  • Verify schedule of values
  • Develop cost control procedures
  • Establish and monitor cost control
  • Monitor budget and prepare monthly cost reports
  • Establish procedure to evaluate and process change orders and supporting estimates
  • Evaluate and process pay request applications
  • Manage project contingency
  • Review/evaluate VE proposals
  • Prepare final payment and retainage release documents
  • Prepare progress cost reports

Provide owner with monthly cost forecasting inclusive of EFC (Estimated Final Cost to Complete)

6. Prepare, publish, and distribute confidential monthly project reports to owner containing an executive summary of cost, schedule (including critical path analyses, confirmation of cost and manpower loading, and all deviations from the previous schedule), and quality analyses with detailed back up and project photos.

7. Establish and maintain a change control system that tracks all issues that affect cost or time during the entire life of the project including all deviations from the approved architectural program. Analyze contractor submitted requests for adjustment to contract cost, and represent/assist owner in cost negotiations. Report recommendations in a format, acceptable to the ownership, that clearly identifies scope of change, reason for the change and the final and negotiated cost.

8. Analyze consultant and contractor submitted schedules. Recommend approval of baseline schedules and preliminary schedules including cost and manpower loading. Prepare schedule reports at least monthly (see Item 6 above). Analyze contractor submitted requests for adjustments to contract time. Report recommendations in a format, acceptable to owner, which clearly identifies compensability, relationship to critical path, and delay impacts.

9. Review any Contractor’s quality control manuals and procedures and provide recommendations for a Contractor Quality Control Program. Monitor contractor’s Quality Control Program. Review Contractors quality control reports, attend quality control meetings, and recommend actions to owner

  • Be familiar with the plans and specifications for the project and the General Contractors operations at all times
  • Be familiar with contract General Conditions
  • Assist and support Architect’s construction administration process
  • Maintain quality control program and control logs
  • Inspect mock-ups and review quality
  • Provide on-site supervision to monitor performance
  • Provide inspection services ( Progress and Final Punch)
  • Attend scheduled job site safety meetings

Coordinate with jurisdictional building authorities as needed.

10. Document progress during the course of construction with periodic photographs of each definable feature of work. Maintain record of photos in an electronic database including photos of all in-wall utilities prior to wall closure.

11. Manage testing and inspection requirements. Coordinate inspections of, and assist with, reviews by all state agencies having jurisdiction over the project together with independent consultants providing general and special inspection and testing requirements. Compile and maintain a record set of all documentation required for project acceptance by agencies having jurisdiction. Develop and maintain system for tracking notices of non-compliance.

12. Input and maintain Architect’s/Interior Designers punch list items on an electronic database and track each item through to resolution. Review the status of completion of the work and maintain to determine when work is ready for Architect to begin punch list inspection.

13. Provide additional services such as detailed analysis needed to finalize project design.

14. Review entitlement and value of change order requests from Contractors.

15. Provide/coordinate project closeout documents for any and all consultants/Contractors/vendors associated with the projects as required by owner procedures.

  • Coordinate project close-out
  • Coordinate receipt of warranties and operation and maintenance procedures
  • Coordinate and expedite receipt of record drawing and specifications
  • Review as-built documents
  • Review assembled and compiled record documentation
  • Coordinate all final inspections and prepare Notices of Completion

Manage commissioning process and turn over to operations.

Staffing Summary

Staffing is tailored to the ownerships project needs.

  • Dedicated Project Executive for the duration of the project
  • Dedicated Project Superintendent for the duration of the project
  • Dedicated Project Accountant

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