Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing

Florida Keys concrete restoration

Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing Services in the Florida Keys

Finding the perfect solution for your Florida Keys concrete restoration project can be a real challenge. At United-RHG Inc., our team offers the most advanced and practical solutions for restoring and repairing your concrete installations and waterproofing your commercial facility or building. We are a Florida Keys general contractor and construction firm with the experience and the proven knowledge needed to resolve issues that can affect the appearance or performance of your concrete. Our team is ready to take on the challenges of your project and to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

The Services We Offer

We offer a comprehensive lineup of concrete restoration and removal services, including the following:

Corrosion control: Over time, exposure to chlorides can cause the steel reinforcements in your concrete to corrode, creating unsightly patches of discoloration and requiring prompt action by a Florida Keys concrete restoration team to ensure the durability of these installations.

Crack repairs and epoxy injection: Cracks in concrete can present real challenges for commercial buildings and could lead to structural issues in some cases. United-RHG can provide you with expert services and professional results for your concrete crack repairs.

Emergency shoring: Our concrete restoration experts will perform emergency shoring to make your concrete restoration or repairs easier and safer. This will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind when dealing with these emergency situations.

New balcony railing systems: You depend on your balcony railing systems to protect your staff members and guests in your facilities. By installing durable concrete balcony railing systems, United-RHG can promote the safest environments for you and your guests and customers.

Repair, removal or replacement of railings: Damage to your railings can represent a serious risk to you and your business. Our Florida Keys concrete restoration team can deliver the right solutions for your railing repair or replacement requirements.

Post tension cable repairs: Post-tensioning is a method used to reinforce concrete. Making corrections or repairs to the cables used in reinforcing concrete installations requires the help of a general contractor with proven experience in these reinforcing techniques.

Spalling concrete mitigation and repairs: Spalling damage occurs when water infiltrates concrete and causes the peeling or flaking of the surface of this construction material. At United-RHG, we specialize in providing the most practical and attractive solutions for addressing spalling of your concrete installations.

Structural strengthening: Our team has the knowledge and proven experience to provide structural strengthening with concrete and other materials.

Plaster and stucco repairs: Exterior plaster and stucco repairs can help your buildings look their best and maintain their value year after year. United RHG will work with you to determine the right approach for your needs.

Swimming pool renovations: United-RHG can provide the perfect solutions for restoring and updating your swimming pool to create the most modern look and feel for these installations. Our team has the experience you need to ensure the best possible results.

Pergola and planter installations: Whether you are looking for a wood or concrete pergola or planter, United-RHG can provide you with the right solutions for enhancing your exterior landscaping and increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Caulks and specialty sealants: In some cases, your concrete installations may require specialty sealants or caulks to fill in the gaps or seal joints for your concrete applications. We can deliver the best and most practical solutions for your caulking and sealant requirements.

Epoxy coatings: Mixing and applying epoxy coatings requires the precision of a professional concrete restoration and formulation team. United-RHG will provide you with the best and most practical options for these advanced coating solutions.

Masonry wall systems: Whether you are planning a new construction project or renovations for your current building, United-RHG can help you design and build the most durable and reliable masonry wall systems in the Florida Keys area.

Waterproofing services: We can provide you with all types of specialty coatings, caulks, membranes and sealants designed to provide waterproofing protection for your business premises.

Specialty coatings and painting: Because we are a trusted general contractor in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Basin, we can provide the most effective specialty coatings and painting solutions for interior and exterior areas of your business facilities.

Structural repairs: The construction experts at United-RHG can provide you with practical repair options for structural damage caused by wind, weather or the passage of time.

Glass and glazing services: If you need window repair or replacement, our commercial construction team can deliver the best options for these projects.

Impact-resistant doors and windows: United-RHG can also provide heavy-duty doors and windows designed to stand up to the worst weather and to provide protection for your business facilities.

IPE wood decking and deck coatings: While not directly related to our concrete restoration services, United-RHG offers practical IPE wood decking and coatings designed to help make your outdoor areas safer and more comfortable for you and your patrons.

Roofing: United-RHG can install and repair roofing for your commercial facilities to provide real protection for your interior spaces.

To request any of our Florida Keys concrete installation or restoration services or to learn more about the general contracting solutions we offer, call United-RHG toll-free at 1-800-219-1447. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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