About Us

United – RHG Inc.

A full service general and specialty contracting firm.

We are a uniquely qualified construction organization who is licensed and/or registered in 26 states, that is positioned to play a significant and positive role as a team member in supporting ownership investment goals. Our people have in-depth expertise in all aspects of construction, construction management, development, architecture and engineering.

We believe in the power of people. Our people. We are caring and passionate, curious and engaged, diverse and inclusive. We take great pride in our work, and we’re committed to asking questions and thinking outside the box. We believe the best ideas come from individuals who share their knowledge and unique experiences with each other while remaining focused on achieving the same goals. We seek and embrace the strengths in others, and we understand that incorporating different perspectives, ideas and backgrounds into our work make us better at what we do. Together, our people are bringing about transformative change in our industry that will last for generations to come.

We apply cutting-edge construction methods and technologies to insure that our clients’ projects, large or small, are built to meet their expectations. We provide world-class construction services to a broad range of clients across the U.S. and the Caribbean Basin. Because we are committed to client satisfaction, we focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions that last throughout the construction of your project. Our people are experts in managing everything from small renovations to multi-million dollar projects in a variety of sectors, including hospitality, commercial/corporate office, retail, and more.

United RHG Inc. has provided its services to some of the most recognized real estate firms and developers in the world such as Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Goldman Sachs and many others.